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About us

Architectural Images is a Sydney based architectural visualisation company, established in 1993. We provide a comprehensive and unique range of services, affording our clients a single point of contact for all their visualisation requirements. This saves time and money, and creates synergy and consistency across multiple visualisation media.

We work with some of Australia’s most talented and best known architects, designers, and developers. Our high level of repeat and referral business is a reflection of the quality of the service we provide. At the core of our business is a highly motivated, talented, and multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in architecture, interior design, building construction, and the fine arts….. totalling over 50 years combined industry experience.

what we do

A Journey of Development

Over a 25 year period we have transformed from using traditional techniques to utilising the latest technologies available. The end result is a range of complete visualisation products for DA , LEC, or marketing purposes. Our use of 3D printing is revolutionary for the industry producing a more superior product than our competitors in the shortest possible timeframe. The net result is unrivalled value for our clients.

3D Visualisation

Using the latest industry 3D software’s with a high level computational capacity, we can create photomontage/ perspective images, interior images, animated fly throughs, view analysis studies, shadow diagrams, and solar access studies.

Physical models

All models are manufactured from SLA 3D printing technology. Materials used include plastic or resin that are robust and provide a high level of detail with tolerances of + / -0.2mm. Types of models vary from conceptual, semi detailed, and highly detailed marketing with lighting and interactive features.

CAD modelling

3D CAD modelling is generated from the supply of architectural CAD drawings. The output includes the form of a 3D electronic file for design analysis, 3D visualisation, or 3D printing. We are compatible with most CAD formats and can optimise our clients CAD modelling consequently saving on time and costs.

3D visualisation

Exterior photomontages. . .

Exterior perspectives. . .

Interior. . .

Animation. . .

Shadow diagram. . .

Solar access study. . .

View study. . .

physical models

DA models. . .

Marketing models. . .

cad modelling

Models for rendering. . .

Models for 3D printing. . .


Finding us

Unit 46, 6-8 Herbert street
St Leonards NSW
Australia 2065

Tel: +61 2 9460 8943  (3D visualisation)
       +61 2 9460 8965  (Physical Models)